The Origins of Part Singing

In my endless quest to understand vocal duos, I have, of course, been reminding myself about the history of part singing, reaching back to Medieval days. Here’s a video along those lines.


It’s also fun to listen and see if I can recognize a single word of the French. I could. Understand a single word, that is. Exactly one word. And I can’t use that one when I go to Paris this summer.


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2 Responses to “The Origins of Part Singing”

  1. musicahumana Says:

    I love this vid. I saw it a few months ago (probably because EC or LN pointed me towards it). Tres cool. 🙂 (BTW…this is Jess. My online name is musicahumana. Geeky, huh?)

  2. musicalmutterings Says:

    Someone posted it on the AMS list recently amidst all the chatter about “my beauty is better than your beauty” and “these kids today are spoiled.”

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