The Bottomless Pit

I have a horoscope gadget on my iGoogle home page, along with the weather report from Maui, my to-do list, the top items on Digg, Things to Ponder, and a set of eyeballs that follows my cursor.

While I don’t put much stock in cosmic star alignments and crystal power, I had to laugh when I saw today’s horoscope:


It’s hard to know if you have gone deep enough, for the more you dig, the more you learn. At some point, however, you must finish your research and actually put what you’ve learned to practical use. Once you accept that your investigation has uncovered a bottomless pit, you’ll be more likely to stop spinning your intellectual wheels and get to work, applying your wealth of knowledge.

And there you have it. I have fallen in a bottomless pit and have to claw my way out of it.


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