Three People, One Guitar

The Everly Brothers appeared on the Tennessee Ernie Ford television show sometime in the late 1950s. In this clip, Don, Phil, and Ernie are all playing one guitar. Don is sitting and holding the guitar. Phil stands behind him and frets the lower strings with his left hand while Ernie stands on the side of Don and strums the lower strings with a pick. Don frets just above where Ernie is strumming and plays a lead melody just below where Ernie’s hand. The video makes it clearer.

According to one biographer, this neat little trick was one that Don and Phil learned from their father, Ike, and his two brothers, Charlie and Leonard.

The guitar is probably the black Gibson J-200 with dual white pickguards. Don and Phil played a number of J-200s during their career, including their own custom designed model.


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