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Performance Space

July 25, 2011
IMG_3439 by pjbishop93
IMG_3439, a photo by pjbishop93 on Flickr.

Saxophone player along the banks of the Seine River in Paris.


Hello Goodbye

July 16, 2011

Jon Pareles of the New York Times wrote an interesting Review of Paul McCartney’s concert at Yankee Stadium. I found myself singing along to it, but feeling a wee bit old at the same time. I’m encouraged, though, That I can keep rocking “when I’m 64” (or 69, as he is). Thanks, Sir Paul.

And yes, Jon, that Don and Phil reference is to the Everly Brothers, whom Paul and John studied carefully in their formative years.

Trumpet Warmup

July 8, 2011
IMG_1182 by Foxboro Music Photos
IMG_1182, a photo by Foxboro Music Photos on Flickr.

The door

July 5, 2011
The door by pjbishop93
The door, a photo by pjbishop93 on Flickr.

If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.
– Rabindranath Tagore