Research Interests

Vocal duos in popular music  

This is my dissertation topic and therefore my main area of research for the moment. I am using the Everly Brothers as a framework for my research, exploring the roots of their style, their influence on the following generations of duos and vocal harmony in rock, and the general history of vocal duos in American popular music. I am delving heavily into American musical theater from minstrelsy to vaudeville to Broadway, American vernacular music (especially Appalachian and other Southern varieties), and country music. I am also interested in how the music for duets is constructed and interpreted and the performative aspects of duos.

You can find more information on my website.

Keyboard music of American composers

I am particularly interested in the solo piano music composed during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Hawaiian music

I have studied contemporary music of Hawai’i for the last three years. I presented a paper on it at the 2006 meeting of the Society of Ethnomusicology and another one at the 2008 meeting of SEM. This recent paper focuses on the intersection of Hawaiian music (particularly slack key guitar) and online communities.


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