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Time Machine – Cereal

June 17, 2008

In the 1950s cereal manufacturers in the United States discovered kids. It’s hard to image now that cereal used to be a dry 😉 and boring product aimed at adults. It’s not clear to me at this point precisely what prompted the realization on the part of the Kellogs and Post Cereal that a vast untapped market lay waiting to be plumbed. 

The cereal makers made at least three strategic moves in order to increase sales based on children and youth:

  1. They added SUGAR–and lots of it.
  2. The created mascots and characters to sell their products, ones that appealed to children, like Tony the Tiger and the Trix Rabbit.
  3. Advertising and product placement on television. Characters like Snap, Crackle, and Pop appeared in advertisements on shows like “The Howdy Doody Show.” The Kellogg’s Frosted Sugar Flakes commercial below may have run during “Adventures of Superman” (1952-1958), starring George Reeves.

Well, if that isn’t something to look forward to–being Supergirl!