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April 25, 2012

Someone sent me a link to this incredible beat boxing site. I was instantly addicted! The (secretly) best part was how I instantly felt cool and hip.

One of my classes is currently playing with it and submitting their compositions to me for extra credit. While it’s not directly related to our topic (folk musics of the United States), it nonetheless engages them in the compositional process (on a small scale) and makes them think about the details of a song as well as the overall arc. For non-musicians, which means most of my class, this is sometimes a hard concept for them. As I demonstrated Incredibox to them today, I could see light bulbs going off all over the room.


Sayings of Kyle Gann

August 14, 2008

I came across Kyle Gann’s homepage this morning. I particularly liked his page on Kyleisms, his sayings in this classroom. My favorite one is this:

Webern was a musicologist who became a composer. Bartok was a composer who became a musicologist to get material for his music. I’m a composer who became a musicologist to get a job.

I feel like the computer scientist who became a musicologist to be unemployed! Maybe I should have tried composing instead.