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The Planning Stage

March 26, 2013

I spent today trying to map out a plan for my writing. Then I distracted myself with searches for project planning software. I am ridiculously attracted to the idea of visualizing my progress (or lack of it) in Gantt charts, as if those horizontal bars represent the work itself. And I know from past experience, that all the pretty charts in the world never reflect reality when it comes to real projects. Sigh.


I have a long range plan for the Everly Brothers book, which is to finish a solid draft by the end of the year. I will devote one month to each chapter. I think this either is wildly optimistic or I’m stretching it out too far, especially considering it’s a repackaging and extension of my dissertation. So I will revisit this plan in a month or two.

The first order of business, though, is to flesh out my book proposal. I have a short introduction and paragraph for each chapter. I need to expand the chapter descriptions to one page. If I can complete a chapter description on each of my days off during the work week (I teach 2.5 days a week), then I can be done with this task by April 18. Again, I may be overestimating.

I am also developing a list of other tasks related to this such as determining if there are any additional research materials I should review. I searched through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives online catalog. The material they have only amounts to 1.83 linear feet and only covers the period from 1973-1988, which is not the period I’m focusing on. I’ll have to think about whether I want to incur the expense of traveling or paying to have the materials photocopied. The Southern Folklife Collection at UNC-CH has a few folders that look interesting–not enough to warrant a trip, but the next time I go down to visit the family, I’ll spend a day there.

This train is leaving the station, so hold on!