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A Baby Step!

March 28, 2013

As I said in my last post, my first order of business is to flesh out the proposal, in particular, expanding each of the chapter descriptions to about a page (approximately 250-300 words). I created a schedule that looks something like this:

  • Write description of chapter 1, 3/28/13
  • Write description of chapter 2, 4/2/13
  • Write description of chapter 3, 4/4/3

And so on.

Being obsessively ordered and rule-bound in the early stages of any project, I nearly stumbled and fell trying to write a description of Chapter 1: Introduction. Faced with the blinking cursor, here’s what I could come up with:

quote-marksChapter 1: Introduction

This chapter will introduce the book.




And that was after “thinking” about it (procrastinating) all day.

With the clock ticking, though, I finally pulled out the first chapter of my dissertation, reverse-engineered its outline (yes, it’s been that long since I wrote it), and mashed all of that down into an acceptable 251 words. The next thing I had to do was convince myself that 251 words is perfectly acceptable for a description of an introductory chapter in a book proposal that hopefully only 1 or 2 people will read. Sadly my type-A personality wants to go for 300 even when it’s unnecessary and meaningless.

A baby step. Busy weekend coming up, but I feel like I can make the next baby step.